How To Train Your Employees To Be More Creative?

Creativity is best compared with playing golf. When you are playing golf, you do not drive the golf ball but instead you allow it to ever so slightly change its intended path. As a manager you should know that forcing your employees to be creative is a fruitless task that will yield zero results. Employees should be allowed to create ideas naturally and with no pressure exerted on them. Creativity and expertise are the two ingredients all employees must have and if you have decided to hire them, then they must be having those qualities. But there is one last thing needed to put all of that into work; motivation. The motivation should come naturally to your employees.

One of the best ways to bond with your employees and show them the ropes is to conduct innovation workshops. These are group workshops where employees are encouraged rather than forced to be more innovative and steps to help them be more creative. The workshops encourage brainstorming and show and teach how it is done. They engage in group sessions that include high impacting creative activities and various tools and techniques are taught. These workshops are extremely interesting and will increase the teamwork between employees and is a good base for them to start building their ideas on.

There are many innovation consulting firms who can help you conduct and organize these workshops and ensure everything goes according to plan. They can conduct speed networking esque events where an employee will be subjected to a quick meeting that can end with him or her finding new solutions and ideas. It also gives employees a chance to talk about their ideas and gain valuable insight from fellow participants and allows culture building in your company.

Develop a multitude of activities and plan a system for helping your employees to be more creative. By engaging in such fast paced activities you develop the speed of thinking. Make it a point to spice up your work environment so that it is fun and active. Creativity is much likelier to develop in an easy going environment like that instead of one where fun and work are separated into two categories. Make it a point to express gratitude to hard working employees as that can make them happier ad motivate them to do more. This way you can encourage feedback from your employees and if everyone is in sync it makes group activities and events much easier to organize and carry out, encouraging an atmosphere of collaboration. Criticizing your employees is another big no. it is up to you to realize that mistakes happen to anyone trying out something new and encourage your employees to move past it.

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