Ideas For Making Your Wedding Memorable And Unique

Tying the knot is an extra special event in the life of most of us and we want to make sure that the day is memorable not only to the couple but also to the guests. Who would not love it if your wedding is the talk of the town? Well, you do not have to be a celebrity and you do not have to spend a fortune to make this come true.

You should plan all the details without leaving out anything. The venue, the menu, clothing and accessories, decorations, etc. The effort you put into this phase will eventually decide the success of the event. The venue, of course, should not only be eye catching but should also be convenient otherwise the number of guests turning up may not be even close to the amount you expected. Usually, the place of the wedding reception will be common unless it is brand new or you are holding the event at home.
It does not really matter how many weddings were held at the same place, you can still make the experience unique. For example, you can opt for a different seating arrangement, organize different forms of entertainment for the guests and have unique music.

The impression you create in the minds of the guests begins with the invitation cards; if you use traditional and common ones, the people will expect the rest of the wedding to flow the same way. So, be unique with the invites. Even if all you can find are the boring invitations, there is nothing to worry; you can still spice up things by affixing something like an emboss seal. If you are pressed with time, select a company that takes online orders to create a really fascinating and professional looking custom embosser for you and would deliver it as well. This would leave a lasting impression on the minds of the invitees.

The wedding attire will be unique so I am not going to dwell on it. Even if you use your mother’s or grandmother’s dress, I know you will add a zest to it. Another common way of having an uncommon wedding is by using different decorations. Rather than using something like flowers that most people would, you can decorate using fruits, ornaments, fairy lights or, if you are having an autumn wedding, even colourful leaves and dead branches (if you are not overly superstitious about using something dead on the day you are beginning a new life).

Now that you have treated the eyes, pay a little bit more attention to the stomachs of the invitees. Talk to the chef or the caterers to come up with a unique menu. Have desserts that no one usually has. However, make sure that the items on the menu complement each other and do not contrast and that you have sufficient food items for vegetarians and vegans, if you have any on the list.The wedding favours can also be used as means of making your event stand out. You can have a common wedding favour such as chocolates but make sure that the wrapping is one of its kind. You can get custom rubber stamps Melbourne made with the names of the couple, the date and “Thank you” and affix this on the label on the wedding favour. It is possible to get colour stamps to match the colour theme and it will definitely add colour to the whole event.

As you can see, little things can go a long way in making an event memorable so you do not have to spend so much on extravagant venues and designer clothing in order to make your special day a one to talk about.rubber-stamp