Common Mistakes When Purchasing Precious Stones

So, you have been collecting your finances and been planning for months now and have finally set your mind on purchasing that beautiful rock you wanted for yourself. After all, girls can buy for themselves too right? However, there are some very common mistakes that most people make when they try to purchase their first precious stone. If you too are a novice to the subject and the art of picking the best rock for your money, here are some common pitfalls to look out for and avoid.

Not getting a GIA certification

GIA is the Gemological Institute of America and is celebrated as the best source and standard organization for the grading of precious stones. Since its establishment in 1931, the NGO has been committed to ensure the safety of buyers and sellers both by setting the bar for the estimation of the quality of gems for sale Hong Kong, no matter what kind of stone it is. Think about it, would you make an investment on real estate without proper security and documentation? Then why should it be any different for this? If your purchase comes along with a GIA certification you can rest assured that your investment is valid and safe.

Not doing enough research beforehand

Research is something that will help you make the right choice no matter what the context is. Most shop owners and dealers say that one of the most common and biggest mistakes they see from buyers is the lack of research before they buy diamond rings. You need to know the boundaries of your budget, be sure about the style that you want to go with and educate yourself on the fundamental details of shopping for a precious stone. The market for precious stones is a very competitive one in any country which means that there is no need for a buyer to purchase the first stone that grabs their attention. There is nothing wrong in browsing till you find your best match!

Go beyond the 4C’s

Sometimes, it’s not just about the 4C’s. What this means is that while knowing the basics are essential, it is equally important to look into areas like whether your dealer is getting you a well certified precious stone and whether you can rely on your dealer to tell you whether you are making the right choice. The details of making a great purchase goes far beyond what you will read on paper and for that, you need to approach a genuine and transparent dealer.

Falling for the “three month’s salary” rule

In the good old times, there was a saying which stated that one must collect three months’ worth of pay to purchase a precious stone. The saying now, is quite antiquated. The purchase of your piece should happen solely based on your choice and your allowances. Rather than putting in three months of pay and suffering with low finances for a couple of months, you could go for a good quality stone which you will be able to comfortably afford and upgrade it later.

It doesn’t always have to be colourless

Most buyers are put off as soon as their dealer mentions “bad fluorescence” in a stone.  In fact, some of the smaller precious stones may have a unique attractive quality because of the fluorescence about them.  The current generation, finds fluorescence in stones attractive according to studies, and there are no recorded cases of any negative effects in a piece having a stone with this quality.

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