Top New Movies To Be Released In The Near Future

With so many new movie releases out there, there still are amazing potential movies too that are to be released. These are those that shall definitely satisfy those movie maniacs! The production of a movie goes through a lot of stages to form into one that is award winning and simply amazing! This of course is thanks to the wonderful efforts of editors and producers and also the amazing technology out there. The following are a couple of amazing movies to be released in the near future and shall hopefully make the award winning stage as well;

Despicable me 3

This is one of my personal favorites, after all who could resist the level of cuteness in Agnes! The story picks up from Gru and Lucy who are now married and living a happy family life with the girls. Gru meets his twin brother Dru who is much successful comparatively. Dru intends to team up with Gru to steal a diamond already stolen by Balthzar Bratt who was a former child star who is now obsessed with a character he once played and is trying to live his life similarly. This is a movie that is in the post production Hong Kong stage similar to the other ones that are part of this list as well and it is to be released this year!

Death wish

This is a remake of the movie which was released in the year 1974. It is a story about a father who goes on a killing spree after his family is torn apart and his daughter and wife are attacked. Truly emotional yet equally gruesome as well. The level of effort the animation services company may have put into to make this movie a success similar to the one that was released in 1974, could be easily evaluated once this movie is released to the public as the releasing date has not yet been specified.


This is a story surrounded around an adventure undertaken to the Amazon, by a young adventurer, his two friends and a guide. It is one adventure that no one would have expected it to turn out as it did, gruesome and dangerous!

Ready player one

This is a story somewhat similar to Tron Legacy which too is based on a video game. It is one that is about a boy named Wade Watts who is a social outcast that discovers an online game named The Oasis. Before the billion dollar owner dies he creates a treasure hunt in the game to search for the Easter egg where the ultimate prize is his entire fortune! Amazing isn’t it? But it isn’t easy to win when you are not the only one playing!

These are a couple of movies that definitely show potential in being among those that are award winning, because after all they are in their editing stages and have lot more time to undergo change and improvement to make them even better.

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