4 Effective Steps To Increasing Team Work In An Organization


In an office, it is absolutely important to strengthen teamwork so that it can contribute to improved productivity, a great sense of unity and increase employee satisfaction. These can include establishing team building goals, clarifying the responsibilities and roles of the employees and so on. Ideally, the lessons that are learned from all these team building exercises will help one and another to work cooperatively and work more efficiently. Some steps in which this can be done are highlighted in a few basic steps:

Fostering a collaborative culture in the office

One of the most effective ways of getting a group of people to work efficiently and effectively is by sharing a common work goal. This will help them all work collaboratively together in order to achieve this shared goal. Even if there are minor office politics, these can be put aside if each and every employee is clear about their goal. For example; a dispute about a serviced office space can be easily dismissed if the employees are reminded on why their team work is important in achieving a common goal. As an organization, you can create a motto or awards that can be handed over to employees in recognition of their team effort and hard work put together.

Reinforce mission and vision statements

In addition to a motto and a shared goal, it is also necessary to define a clear vision statement for all your employees to follow. This should reiterate the necessity and importance of teamwork, cooperation and shared values amongst each other. If the need arises, employees should be willing to adapt to any changes in the work environment; including a shared office and this would be made easier if all employees had a good understanding and rapport with each other. These values can be reinforced in your organizational vision statements. Keep it clear and concise.

Open communication

Sometimes, one of the leading causes of employee disputes can be miscommunication. Miscommunication can be between the employees themselves or between the employee and employer. Regardless, it threatens the well being and success of the organization and cause everyone to lose focus and trust. It is better to hold meetings and team building exercises often in order to promote open communication as it is better to over communicate than to under communicate.

Addressing non-cooperative behavior

Similarly to encouraging team effort, it is vital to address any non-cooperative behaviors too. It is unavoidable to find employees that might not necessarily agree with the rest. These employees will need to spoken to and the problem addressed directly and most often as quickly as possible in order for it to not affect the rest of the employees.


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