Closing The Deal Fast

Among all the little tricks that dealers have, the ability to close one is surely a superpower. Since most of them depend on their transactional commission for their livelihood, agents and brokers will do whatever it takes to close the deal. Here are some secrets revealed for your education.

The Magic Sign

In this day and age, few people will bother to look for their next big investment in the yellow pages. Most people do their initial searches on the internet, but a surprising number of people are still lured in by the sign boards that dot the gardens and lawns of houses, just like the banners that adorn office buildings. The moment people see that the commercial property rental Hong Kong is still available, they will call the relevant agencies and figure it out. Apparently, a physical sign is extremely difficult to resist.

Make It Exclusive

Another sale tactic in anything is to make it seem exclusive. If you pretend as though the commercial real estate is only available to a certain clientele, you will immediately drum up interest in a lot of potential buyers, without ever having to mention what that clientele is. People will ask you questions; the less you say, the more intrigued they will be and the quicker they will snap up whatever deal you are offering because they do not want to lose out on being part of the ‘exclusive’ group. Be careful when you pitch this however as you are just as likely to make a client angry if you lay it on too thick.

Fight, Fight!

A little friendly competition never hurt anybody, and this too works wonders among clients when you are trying to close a deal. If someone is dragging their heels too long, simply call them and say that there is another party showing some interest in the place. If this is actually true, you might be able to play the same motivational trick on both sides and get one of them to fold quicker than you thought they would. Even if it is not true, you could easily pretend so by using a few well-chosen coy words that give the impression that another party is interested. Facing the possibility of losing the sale will force the clients to make a quick decision, usually in your favour.

Reduce the Time

No matter what it is, viewing the house, making the decision, making an appointment etc. do not take too much time to do it. If someone calls to hire you, say yes immediately and then make the time; if someone wants to view a specific house, make the appointment as soon as possible and take them to see it; and if they seem to like the house, do not give them the time to change their minds. Unless they specifically ask for time or ask not to be rushed, rush away – get a signature on that dotted line faster than you can say, “Sold!”

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