Initiating A New Business

In the past, starting a business was a very difficult thing to do and while most young people dreamed of starting a business of their own, it was a dream that rarely become a reality. Today however, technology, the internet and social media have given us a platform to start a company very easily and even have a company that we can run during our free time so that we can do so while having a full time job making it completely risk free and in most cases investment free because we can now start a company from the comfort of our own home without having to invest in rent or location.

Communication via the internet
The great thing about modern companies and modern businesses is that you can now speak to or have a meeting with anyone in any part of the world from the comfort of your own home. Gone are the days when you had to invest in airline tickets and hotels overseas just so that you can attend a conference meeting with your partners and clients overseas. You can now do this over the internet and you can even have your staff working in all parts of the world. Virtual assistant companies allow you to hire staff who will help you and work for you from anywhere in the world without you having to have an office and have them physically present with you. This means that you can work and run your company in your free time after you have come back from work or during your weekends.

Many big companies too have started offshoring to Philippines because the labour is cheaper and it is a lot cheaper for them overall as they do not have to invest money in overheads for the staff or having to buy furniture, pay excessive benefits or even pay them for days that they do not work.

In most cases, when people work from overseas, they work on a self-employed basis which means that the company only pays them for the work that they do and nothing more. It is a simple plan of paying them for their services and that also provides the freelancer with the opportunity to work for as many companies as they want and also have their free time to do whatever else they want in their free time. This kind of working has empowered young mothers and even women in countries where working is not encouraged for women. The internet and social media in general have opened up doors for young people that allow them to do thing like they have never done before.


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