Decisions For Your Future

It seems quite unfair that a young adult is asked to choose his or her career at such a young age. One does not possess the knowledge or experience of the outer world or even themselves to assess their strengths and weaknesses to decide upon a career path that they would find themselves employed in for the rest of their lives. A choice made in their teenage years would end up impacting one so further into their lives. There are many options to chose from and explore, from sciences to maths to arts. Most schools carry out various personality exams, where the results would allow the students to distinguish as to what they are good at.

Math and the Sciences

The field of math and science is where the scientists, the mathematicians and the doctors are born out of. There are many career aspects here that are not as well known as others, most students find themselves going after the careers are most publically seen. Such as doctors, since a young age most would want to pursue a career in this field, as from our pediatrician to the family doctor, a child would be exposed to the field of medicine from a very young age. In such way choices are based upon what occupations are mostly seen in day yo day life, but as a child grows their choices tend to differ and become more diverse. The ones with plans on becoming doctors might find themselves falling in love with a life of research in biology. In such way subjects are chosen and differently pursued. 

The field of Business and Accountants

Having even an undergraduate degree in the field of commerce tends to guarantee a secure job post with a company; this would be the direct advantage of studying this field. Aiming for a very specific occupation would beneficial in shaping the way a student is headed. For instance being hired to run Profit Tax of a financial company would mean, to proceed in thorough examinations of the accounts of a company.

Or even the position of being the best Company Secretary, filling the formal documents and strict re-checking before submission to handling all the finances would all be up to the person hired. With a fixed position in mind, an aspiring student could easily focus and achieve.

Adding creativity and Color

It is not just the taxes and the cures for illnesses that keep life worth living, a certain percentage of individuals must be present to become the artist and singers of a nation. Children must be encouraged to flow their creativity just as much as they are pushed to follow their intellectual abilities. Creativity is important and must not be overlooked.

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