Great Things You Could Use To Make Art

Something that is certainly great about art is that, it has no limit and has no true definition. Anything can be considered art. From a high priced painting done by a famous artist to a colorful and flawless graffiti on the street, art varies. What one might admire and consider to be art another might disagree with. Putting aside laws and rules, art is free and welcoming, it manages to calm you inside out with just a simple blend of color. Similar to other things art too has evolved over many years and different modes have been and is being used to create varied forms of art. Here are a few such materials that could be used to create a flawless work of art;

Abstract painting with tape

On a canvas, using white masking tape, tape over it in random order. It doesn’t necessarily have to be of a particular design because after everything is complete it manages to become on its own. Once you are done with the taping you could grab a few cans of your favorite spray paint or even use fabric paint to paint the canvas, each portion with a different color or a mix of colors too would do. Once you are done painting, take off the tape and admire the amazing result of your handy work. 

Mess free bag art

Art is definitely something that interests kids. So don’t hesitate to give them paint and let them color their hearts out with this mess free art trick. You could use mini ziplock bags for this. Add a few drops of paint inside the bag and slide in a 3’4 card into it. Give your kid the freedom to slide his/ her hands over it creating a mess free work of art. Take out the card before it gets too soaked up and using wooden pegs you could display this amazing piece that your kid created. Let them have fun with the bag with paint in it after you’ve taken out the card or you could even add another round of cards into it.

Paper art

Using cuts outs from magazines you could glue them up on a canvas to make an even astonishing piece of art to be hung up on your walls. Glue them to form whatever design you want by choosing the right paper. Decorate it to your heart’s content.

Fabric art

Gluing your favorite pieces of fabric over a cushioned canvas too is another suggestion. This way you could even use a splash of print or a plain color decorated exactly the way you want.

Art differs from person to person and from an angle to another. Don’t hold back on those wild ideas because you never know what might be the next astonishing piece of art.

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