Bongs are also known as Water pipes. And these are specially designed tools which are used for smoking Cannabis, Certain weeds, tobacco, marijuana and many other herbal stuffs. Bongs in Australia are used to filter the smoke through water which eliminate a lot of carcinogenic elements from the smoke and enhance a pleasant smoking session. Bongs are being used in various countries throughout world for smoking among which Thailand and African countries are on the top. The bongs are being used for centuries and were made up of bamboo, metal utensils which were bronze and brass. Some rich personnel’s were used to make bongs with silver and decorate them with Jewels.

The most famous material with which bongs are made is glass. These glass bongs are decorative to look and are effective for smoke filtration. High quality thick glass is put on a high temperature and molded in to certain structures to make bongs

The structure is same in which the base is molded in to the form of a glass bowl in which three elevations along with holes are provided. One of the elevation is small and is known as “Tobacco container” which is provided with a lid to hold tobacco or herbs within. One of the elevation is small and provided with small hole which is known as “Carburetor” which help in the intake of air. And the third one is “stem” which is held by the person using the bong and is used to suck and enhance the smoke.

Using Glass bong is supposed to be one of the healthiest way to smoke. As it is a medium of filtration of the smoke and air because water absorb a huge amount of carcinogens and tar. some people believe that the water absorb more amount of the smoke so they keep using it even when the water turns brown absorbing the tar and different materials however it is best to change the water in bong in order to keep yourself safe from the harmful material that is being absorbed.

These glass bongs are beautiful and friendly to use as there are no different parts attached to each other. The whole bong is molded in a way that it consist of one part as a whole. They are easy to carry and works on the principles of Hubble Bubble (Commonly known as Shisha or Hookah).

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